Digital Wellness for businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers

A five-week practical process to detox from screens, change habits, and create a work-life balance

It might sound familiar to you:

With two business hats and spending eight hours a day in front of a computer, I know how challenging it can be.

It involves long periods of staring at the screen and constant switching between distractions. From WhatsApp to email to Facebook. It involves responding to urgent matters (usually for others), procrastinating work and the feelings it produces, such as boredom, frustration and insecurity.

As soon as the hand reaches the phone in the morning, an atmosphere of stress is created for the rest of the day. It’s an irrational action, but we still do it rather than being filled with the energy of a new day.

We are uncontrollably drawn to social networks, disappearing into newsfeeds that only show us how much better and more successful the lives and businesses of others are.

When you come home from work, while your attention should be on parenting or your relationship, you constantly drift to work, or to escapism at worst. Your hand is always on the phone for no apparent reason. 

Here are just a few examples from our daily lives in the digital reality that surrounds us ever more tightly.

We are stuck in the loop

The companies from Silicon Valley invest huge budgets and hire the best minds in a daily effort to take advantage of our cognitive and psychological weaknesses to make us addicted to their interfaces.

The digital noise produced by this experience creates a lot of stress. We are constantly exposed to comparison on social media, to excesses of information and stimulation, to excessive social interaction.

Stress is something we naturally try to escape from. It’s part of the human experience and deeply ingrained.

Where is the problem?

It was once necessary for us to make an effort to escape, but today we can escape just by clicking on our phones. With the slightest movement of our fingers, we can reach the exciting world of newsfeeds, websites, online games, food blogs – the variety is endless.

Sounds interesting?

OK, got it. What is the solution?

I have been researching this topic of digital wellness for a long time and I admit it’s not simple. There are no shortcuts and it takes practice and discipline. It’s possible, and it starts with small steps.

What have I learned from my continuous work on myself and with previous course participants?

Firstly, it is very useful to systematically reduce and clarify the ways in which we are connected. There is a lot of digital noise that can be easily removed with simple and practical tools.

Secondly, we should learn how to shape our habits so that they serve the things that are most important to us. Learn from our mistakes, adjust and avoid guilt.

Thirdly, our lives need to be filled with meaningful leisure so that we have a fulfilling reality to return to when we are not at work. A life of leisure and rest that is balanced with work is the safest and most stable foundation for achieving success today.

Lastly, we need to learn the ultimate and most significant super-ability in our digital world – the ability to consciously direct our attention. Meditation and mindfulness are the most effective ways to regain control of our attention.

Testimonials from participants

What I offer you:

Five weeks of awareness and practice, including online meetings once a week, deepening the simplest and most effective tools for maintaining sanity in a digital environment, and ongoing support through an independent and distraction-free discussion group that allows dialogue, sharing, and answering questions and practical daily tasks.

Here are the basic elements of the process:

Guided Digital Detox: Our agreement to take a break and significantly reduce our connection to the digital world strengthens the effectiveness of the process and allows us to change patterns of thinking and behavior we didn’t think were possible.

Live Sessions: Meet to discuss the core issues of the process. Meetings consist of lectures, discussions, sharing, and exercises to make learning fun and meaningful.

The group: We discover quickly that we are not the only ones stuck in front of a screen like zombies. We hear about other people’s experiences, which is motivating and comforting.

Small tasks: They are experiences that anyone can practice, just the right amount of challenge without provoking procrastination (we don’t want that).

Sound interesting?

What's on our agenda:

Lesson 1: An introduction to digital wellness and the attention economy

How can we maintain a balanced relationship with technology? What are the costs? We will examine together the forces acting on us online and begin to consider our options.

Lesson 2: Digital minimalism - From technological noise to a quiet space of productivity

We will learn what digital minimalism is, and why it’s an essential “infrastructure” for a productive, sustainable, and effective life in this new digital age. We will be given tools for making the digital space orderly, clean, and silent, to enable a life of work and leisure.

Lesson 3: Change habits from automatic to semi-automatic Using behavioral science to our advantage

Our goal is to understand how we can design our internal and external environments to support the change, development and assimilation of more positive and balanced digital habits.

Lesson 4: FOMO becomes JOMO - fear of missing out becomes joy of missing out

As we explore how a balanced work-life balance is the sure path to sustainable success, we will see the importance of quality leisure and rest to our ability to maintain high levels of energy over time.

Time management, productivity, and effectiveness

To ensure a positive balance over time, we will build a schedule that incorporates all the principles of digital wellness.

Some more testimonials

Sound interesting?

Who is it for?

A few words abou me

I'm Gilad Peled, nice to meet you.

Digital entrepreneur, consciousness explorer, minimalist, long distance runner (or at least trying to). “Free Growth” is my creative space for inspiration.

Organizes workshops on the subject of digital wellness and explores with brave partners the human potential in the complex reality of the new world. 

Let’s walk together too 😉

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